Creative cooks Bak Kut Teh by The Island Drum.

I did it! I made Bak Kut Teh! It was super easy using Ding Feng Xiang Bakuteh convenient pre-packaged mix and it only took 90-minutes too. This herbal soup is famous in Malaysia and Singapore and has become one of my favorite traditional local foods.

Although my own review efforts here may look simplistic I wanted to create a (basic beef) meat version & a separate vegetarian version without competing with the actual flavors of the Ding Feng Xiang inclusive herbal pack or given sauce.

No problem there though as Ding Feng Xiang includes 13 Chinese Medicinal Herbs traditionally used in Bak Kut Teh

and it creates a broth and aroma that is unmistakably the real deal flavor of Bak Kut Teh herbal soup.

Creative cooks will have a field day by adding their own twists to the basic ingredients too. This soup mix is also vegetarian as well as halal, so lots of tasty potentials.

Ding Feng Xiang Bak Kut Teh

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The Island Drum name was inspired by my experiences of ‘kampung’ living. I realized one day that the weekly drum beating I was hearing usually preempted village announcements. I assumed it was local news and updates, akin to the ‘Daily Bugle’, and the perfect name for my own ‘announcements’.

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Reference : The Island Drum Facebook ; Vanessa Workman

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我做到了!我做了Bak Kut Teh!使用Ding Feng Xiang Bakuteh方便的预包装混合物超级容易,而且也只用了90分钟。这种草药汤在马来西亚和新加坡都很有名,已经成为我最喜欢的传统当地食物之一。




岛上的鼓子网站是由一个简单的面子书小组开始的,旨在填补马来西亚兰卡威岛上一致的信息空白。我对失踪事件的挫败感或过去时态对它们的挫败感是我的灵感。 面子书小组于2010年6月被命名为兰卡威的岛鼓,后来被亲切地称为The Island Drum

岛鼓之名的灵感来自于我在“甘榜”生活的经历。我有一天意识到,我每周听到的鼓声敲打通常是抢先的村庄公告。我认为这是本地新闻和更新,类似于“每日号角”,也是我自己的“公告”的完美名称。 2012年3月,The Island Drum转变为网站媒体,同时继续其Facebook,Twitter,Instagram,Pinterest和Snapchat的业务,以扩大其社交媒体影响力。该网站的旅程确实确实经过了几番曲折,但由于兰卡威是我通常的大本营,因此,在每周的活动和当地特色活动中进行突出显示的最初努力仍在兰卡威的“本周”中进行。

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参考 : 岛上的鼓子


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